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Turf Care

Core Aeration:

Core Aeration is the process of using a machine to pull plugs from the turf areas. The benefits of core aeration in the clay soils of Northern Virginia is that it reduces thatch and soil compaction while allowing air, water, and fertilizer to penetrate deeper into the soils. This allows for deeper root growth and a denser and stronger turf.

Over Seeding:

Since the September through October is the best time to over seed it is normally done in conjunction with the core aeration. Over seeding helps repair the damage to the turf from heavy use and the hot dry summers.

Top Dressing:

Top dressing is ideal for thin and damaged lawns throughout Northern Virginia. Top dressing consists of spreading a high organic compost that is suited to be used for turf areas and then raking it in to even it out. The organic matter conditions the soil and allows for better water and nutrient retention.