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Property Care

Elevate the beauty of your property with Outdoor Solutions’ comprehensive range of property care services, ensuring your outdoor spaces are in peak condition throughout the seasons. From meticulous spring and fall clean-ups to precision leaf blowing, and transformative turf restoration and top dressing, our services are tailored to guarantee your property looks its absolute best. Delve into the details below to gain insight into the essential tasks that contribute to the impeccable maintenance of your lawn.

**Spring/Fall Yard Clean-Up:**
Prepare your lawn and garden for optimal growth with our crucial Spring/Fall Yard Clean-Up service. This involves the meticulous removal of winter debris—leaves, branches, and organic matter—which not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also serves as a preventive measure against diseases and pests.

**Aerating and Overseeding:**
Unlock the full potential of your lawn with our vital Aerating and Overseeding services. Core aeration, especially beneficial in the clay soils of Northern Virginia, reduces thatch and soil compaction. This process facilitates deeper penetration of air, water, and fertilizer, fostering enhanced root growth and a denser, more robust turf. Concurrently, our Overseeding technique involves spreading fresh grass seed to fill in bare spots and elevate the overall grass density, ideally performed from September to October. This tandem approach restores the turf from heavy use and the stresses of hot, dry summers.

**Top Dressing:**
Tailored for thin and damaged lawns across Northern Virginia, our Top Dressing service involves the application of a high-organic compost specifically designed for turf areas. This organic infusion conditions the soil, promoting superior water and nutrient retention. The result is a lusher, healthier lawn that adds aesthetic appeal to your property.

Entrust Outdoor Solutions to enhance and maintain your outdoor spaces, ensuring a vibrant and thriving landscape that leaves a lasting impression.